In the Private Equity division, the Corporation makes two types of investments. Financial through venture capital funds, without participation in management bodies, and strategic in companies where the Corporation holds more than 50% of its shareholders, managing them directly, or co-investing in them with solvent institutions and participating in their boards of directors.

Since it was founded in 1985, Mercapital has become one of the recognized leaders of the Spanish Capital Market Investment, having devoted more resources to Spanish companies than any other group of Capital Investment.

BlacRock is considered the largest asset management company in the world. Valora Corporation participates in BlackRock Diversified Private Equity Program that manages an asset size of over $ 700 million.

Presence Technology is a global software company that offers a technological proposal of high value to contact centers.
Presence suite has been developed within a large multinational Outsourcing with a deep knowledge of the world of the Call Center. This condition makes Presence Solutions the most flexible and easy to integrate the market.

Emergia is a multinational company specializing in the integral management of clients in the field of Interactive Contact Center, the business process outsourcing (BPO) and Consulting Customer Care and Customer Experience.
With international presence, the company offers its services in 9 languages. With offices in Spain, Colombia, Chile, USA and Dominican Republic, Emergia has over 6000 employees worldwide. is a shopping portal that compares online prices of any product of supermarkets operating in your zip code and prepare a shopping cart.
It analyzes your shopping cart and suggests changes in products to maximize your savings and make the purchase, recommends the best deals and finally, the supermarket chosen delivers at the right place.

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