For Corporación Financiera Valora, investments and business are not the only important things. Through Fundación Corporación Valora, commitment to the more disfavored social realities is also one of its most important activities.

This organization, founded in 2005, is a private foundation funded by contributions from companies of the Corporation. Its main mission is to contribute economically to active and entrepreneurial initiatives and social projects to reduce poverty, hunger, marginalization and social injustice, mainly in places where group companies are physically.

Until 2014 Valora Corporation Foundation has been active in collaborative projects with other entities such as child sponsorship, help to build schools in India, building water wells in Africa, adaptation of a foster home for children with cancer in Bogotá ... it has been 23 projects in 8 different countries.

In 2014 Valora Corporation Foundation launched its first own project: The Valorate Houses.

They were inaugurated in May 2014 in Manizales (Colombia), the Valorate House offers an alternative during school break time, a safe space to attend one hundred children between 6 and 14 years old from very deprived areas with high risk crime, school failure and malnutrition.

In House Valorate children are guaranteed two balanced meals a day, tutoring, sports schools and psychological and social support to redress the serious behavioral problems who have acquired. From the love, trust and security environment, we are working to modify distorted values and provide aspirations of life with children who are routed to hope and are opened to a new future full of possibilities.

The Corporation does not forget that "what ultimately gives us greater wealth is the benefit and welfare of all"


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